Ich, Ick or White Spot (Ichthyophthirius)



  • Spots that resemble grains of salt or white sand on the skin.
  • May be slightly-raised.
  • Scratching against objects due to irritated skin
  • Clamped fins.
  • Gasping at the water’s surface.

The Cause:
Ick is generally caused by poor water quality and fish stress. Rapid fluctuation of aquarium temperature, PH, temperature, ammonia, nitrite and nitrate.

Easily prevented by placing fish into a quarantine tank for a week before introducing them into your aquarium.


  • Remove carbon filters and turn off any UV sterilizers
  • Add Ick medication as directed

Additional Treatment:

  • Raise temperature to a constant 82° to shorten the ick's lifespan
  • If only a few fish are infected, place the fish in saltwater for 10 minutes, then return them to the aquarium. For Saltwater fish you will give them a freshwater bath instead.