Cause :
Pop-Eye is not a disease in itself. This is a symptom of an unknown underlying disease that has caused fluid to build of under the eye, causing it to protrude from the skull.

Prevention :
Maintain a healthy water quality. House fish that do not fight with each other. Do not overfeed. Remove dead fish.

Symptoms :

  • One or both of the eyes will be protruding from the fish's skull. This can be anywhere from mild to extreme to where the eye will burst.
  • Unusually behavior in the days/weeks leading up to the eye bulging.
  • Cloudiness on the outside of the eye

Treatment :

  • Quarantine the infected fish and medicate individually
  • For your other fish complete a 50% water change until water conditions have improved.
  • Check that any new equipment or decorations are not leaching poison into the water.
  • Use a broad spectrum antibacterial medication first.
  • After using bacteria medication, you can try fungus and antibiotic medication.