Whether you choose sand or another substrate won't affect your aquarium that much. Sand is a great substrate suitable for most aquariums if properly managed. There are lots of different types of sands that will affect your aquarium differently. Ask live help to determine whether the sand you like is suitable for your aquarium.

Sand Pros :

  • Provides comfort and homes for certain fish
  • Fish waste and aquarium debris is easily visible
  • Some fish such as Cory Catfish feed much easier with sand
  • Easy to control the PH depending on the sand
  • Can be relatively inexpensive

Sand Cons :

  • Not the best substrate for planted aquariums (however some plants do better in sand)
  • Sand can develop anaerobic pockets that can be harmful to fish when agitated
  • Certain types of sand can change your PH
  • Cannot use an undergravel filter
  • Requires intense initial cleaning